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The Rohde family was one of the oldest families in east prussia.Three brothers came with the "Deutsch Ritterorden" from Westfalia to East Prussia.One went to Elbing, the second one to Königsberg and the third one to Rastenburg.This third one is the oldest known ancestor. He became mayor of a newly established town called Neuendorf near Rastenburg ( In the year 1372). His name was Jacob Rode.For the next 300 years Rohdé´s were the mayors of this town.Only since Jacob Rohde (1763-1819) we spell the name Rohde.In 1936 (16.dec.) members of the family founded the "Rohdesche Familienbund".

Escape and expulsion after WWII dispersed the Rohde family all over the world. The "Rohdesche Familienbund" emerged again in 1954 in Hannover.Since then, many gatherings of the family took place. May this HP help the members of the family to stay in contact with each other. The webmaster will be happy to receive your message.

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